Parajanov Club House

Unveiling a showcase of luxury and artistic prowess

The significant launch event of Parajanov Club House, the first Armenian TV channel, made waves across the nation, capturing the attention of numerous media outlets. With its impressive display of opulence and artistic skill, the Parajanov Club House received extensive coverage and garnered an enthusiastic response from esteemed Armenian media platforms, including the respected First Armenian TV Company, reputable Armenpress, well-known, and other television and news channels.

Taking place at DVIN’s Seven Visions Hotel on March 31st, this momentous event marked the inauguration of Armenia’s unique Parajanov Club House. This exquisite 27-story premium complex, known for its remarkable architectural design and splendid views of Mount Ararat, pays tribute to the renowned film director Sergei Parajanov. Situated in close proximity to the Parajanov Museum, it holds great cultural significance.

What sets the Club House apart is its distinct architectural design and innovative features. Perched strategically overlooking the breathtaking Hrazdan Gorge, the building offers residents and visitors awe-inspiring vistas of the surrounding landscape. The incorporation of modern amenities and technological advancements within the complex showcases a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements, reflecting the rich heritage of Armenia in a modern context.