Parajanov Club House

Huge sign in the sky

We are glad to announce that we have installed a sign that reads “Parajanov” on top of the crane located at our construction site. The sign is one of a kind in the region and required two alpinists, one from Armenia and the other from Russia, to install it at the construction site where the clubhouse will be located. The sign is a tribute to the beloved artist Sergei Parajanov and shows the level of detail we put into our projects. The iconic name “Parajanov” symbolically can be seen from the Parajanov house-museum and was installed in a single night.

The name of the artist Parajanov was crafted in Moscow and transported to Yerevan. By placing the name “Parajanov” on top of the crane, we highlight the location of the new building that is being constructed near the house-museum of the beloved Armenian artist Sergey Parajanov.